Designer Bonje

Bon Jé

"Bon Je" is about a simple but elegant expression. We create Jewelry that exudes luxury and brings you one step closer to your enchanting side. Through our designs, Jewelry is a symbol of feeling.

Our hearts are full of desires; no matter where we start, we at "Bon Je" want you to explore those wishes and desires through our Jewelry collections. You will find pieces connecting with your luxurious or elegantly casual taste.

Sabonjele Cheatham is our founder. Coming from humble beginnings and looking up to figures like John Dillinger and Marilyn Monroe, you can see how a taste for class, craft, and grit developed.

Her goal is to share her way of living through her jewelry collections. 

"I am creating my way of living, crafting my own experiences; I have made something from nothing. Designing and crafting Jewelry gives me a sense of presence. I bring all my focus to a point as I create elegant pieces to fit into any experience." 

Jewelry is one of a person's first tastes of elegance. And, when it comes to women in particular, you can see their heart's wishes and desires for the best things in life through their Jewelry.